The village explainer:

I've been telling stories all my life. Art— the objects themselves, their makers, and the world that surrounds both—have all played a big role in my ongoing, never-ending set of tales.  Sometimes, for lack of a better term, I describe myself as the village explainer: the person who knows how things got to be what they are now, or what something might mean because of its past associations.

Words About Art was launched in December of 2016. Posts have described visits to unusual museums, galleries or other cultural sites; thoughts about artists, art writing and the art world; and art-related fiction. I am presently focusing on Mending, in all its myriad forms as an art practice.

I have been publishing work in print and digital magazines since the late ‘80s. Publications has links to many articles, reviews and interviews. Catalogue Essays includes a selection of the writing I’ve done for artists, galleries and museums.


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